Kydykbaev Erkin and Salt Peanuts Jazz Band

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Kydykbaev Erkin and Salt Peanuts Jazz Band

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm


Off Sale

There is a $10.00 food or drink minimum per person. Dinner is served between 5pm-1am.

Erkin Kydykbaev
Erkin Kydykbaev
Erkin Kydykbaev's Quintet

Erkin Kydykbaev- bass
Bakyt Kydykbaev- drums
Kuban Kydykbaev- alto saxophone
Aleksandr Sokolov - piano
Elaman Kanybekov - komuz

Erkin Kydykbaev's Quintet performs classic jazz with their own compositions, which incorporate different traditional instruments, such as the stringed komuz (similar to a lute), temir komuz, sybyzgy, chor etc. Their style is the result of group's years of experimentation with new forms of musical expression.

Kyrgyz and modern instruments blending, competing and conversing in a crescendo of exchange. The effect on the listener is almost trance-like. Group was founded in 2002 and in one of competent and known as "Salt Peanuts Jazz Band in Central Asia and CIS. All band members are teachers in the Kyrgyz National Conservatory, laureates of international contests in the composition of this band.

The group are important ambassadors for country that rarely makes the international news.