Kenn Boisinger Returns

Kenn Boisinger Returns

Birdland Jazz Club
All Ages
Birdland Theater is proud to announce that Kenn Boisinger will Return on Monday March 30th at 7pm!

Kenn Boisinger – The New Voice of Jazz

Monday, March 30 at 7PM


The Broadway at Birdland concert series is proud to announce that Kenn Boisinger will perform “The New Voice of Jazz” on the historic stage on Monday, March 30 at 7pm. [Kenn Boisinger is the brainchild of musical comedian Michael West, who is well-known for his long runs in “Forbidden Broadway,” “NEWSical” and “When Pigs Fly.”]

Fresh from his much heralded, totally sold-out Christmas show at Birdland Theater, singer- songwriter Kenn Boisinger brings his indescribable style and absolutely inimitable voice to Broadway at Birdland as the self-proclaimed “KENN BOISINGER - THE NEW VOICE OF JAZZ”. Expect to hear Kenn’s unique take on classic jazz standards, as well as Kenn’s new jazz-infused versions of Boisinger classics, including “Third Rail,” “Is She A Call Girl, Or Just a Girl I’d Like To Call?,” “Daddy Drinks Because You Cry” and “Someone’s Always Dead At Manhattan Plaza,” among other Boisinger classics; as well as some brand new, destined-to-become-Boisinger-classics that Kenn will be introducing, including “Stay For The Loud Note” and “The Last One To Leave The Strip Club.”

Kenn made his sold-out New York City debut in November of 2018 at The Green Room 42, and after a sold-out encore performance in January of 2019, Kenn was given a residency at The Green Room 42 from spring through fall, 2019. In March of 2019, Kenn doffed his trademark turtleneck and performed a medley of songs with The Skivvies at Joe’s Pub.

Kenn proudly announces that “KENN BOISINGER - THE NEW VOICE OF JAZZ” will feature “Musical Director Alan Bukowiecki, the bass guy, the drummer, and a surprise guest or two.”

Kenn Boisinger, noted entertainer, has been electrifying audiences with his distinctive voice and signature style for virtual decades. Born and raised in the Cleveland suburb of Parma, Ohio, Kenn and the Boisinger family lived next door to the Hector Boiardi family. Hector Boiardi was better known as the famous Chef Boy-ar-dee, and at the age of eight, Kenn was credited with coining the name “Beef-a-roni.” At sixteen, Kenn was entered in a national “Robert Goulet Look-Alike Contest”, the finals of which were held during a broadcast of the Merv Griffin Show. Kenn placed third among all of the contestants, and made a lasting connection with the Merv Griffin Show staff. Because of his affable nature and textbook standard size, he spent a number of years working as a stand-in for lighting for the Griffin show, becoming friends with a diverse crowd of notable personalities, from George Hamilton to Dr. Joyce Brothers to Sammy Davis Jr.’s wife, Altovise.

Kenn has appeared in major venues throughout the continental United States, from Bangor, Maine to Hollywood (Florida) to the performing arts center on his beloved Staten Island, which Kenn and his family (to include his mother, Hilldred and his brother, Robbert) have called home since 1985. As a songwriter and recording artist, Kenn has a number of multiple-selling albums: Best, K.B.; Boisinger Sings Boisinger; Kenn by Request; Sacred Songs for Lutherans and Others; Can’t We Put the ‘Mas’ Back in Christmas; Broadway Kenn’s Way, and possibly more.

“You’ll notice I write a lot of love songs. That’s because I have a fair amount of - shall we say - experience in that area. Love can make you very happy. Love can make you very sad. Sometimes love is not what it seems. Let my musical voice be your guide through the treacherous roads of romance.”

In addition to his many show business achievements, Kenn was Amway Regional Salesman of the Quarter in the fall of 1989, and was Radio Shack Regional Manager of the Month for the Egbertville district of Staten Island in August of 1997.

Kenn Boisinger in “The New Voice of Jazz”

Monday, March 30 at 7pm

Birdland, 315 West 44 Street, NYC or 212-581-3080

$40 cover, $10 food/drink minimum per person