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Nuci Nebieridze
Nuci Nebieridze

Nuci Nebieridze returns to Birdland Jazz Club to perform her album release series on November 21st and 22nd.

Her album “Dreamension” brings to life the colorful songs she has meticulously put together over the course of the past two years.
Her sound is orchestral. Full of soul and warmth she orchestrates each song with a clear sense of structure, as if she has a painting in her mind and the music is what will brings it to life. All of the lyrics and arrangements have been written by Nuci, when she takes the stage her presence fills the room with elegance. Her songs evoke beautifully sentiments of the human experience, hesitation, power and shades of emotions.

She has composed her musical arrangements as a painting, each song using structures and lines, textures and power, the result is moving. Her free solo’s throughout the album take us on a journey as if we were in the middle of an impressionist painting. In her own words she takes us, "where the birds are singing on the painting of yellow fields." Each song has been devised as a color, as part of a creative whole. The vision is a combination of structure and improvisation. This provides a solid base for the listener to voyage through each song and yes, we are taken to a “Dreamension”. A place where we can roam while her voice accompanies the experience.

The arrangements are jazz mixed with an orchestral movement bringing momentum and strength to each piece. She shares aspects of her culture and life back in Georgia, with a particular song mid way through the album acknowledging the flood that hit her home town in 2015. The lyrics, "Flood of love give away, Let the light lead new day, And storms will all fade away, And love will stay, peace will reign" indicate a hopeful tone and the song opens into a forceful yet delicate crescendo.

Nuci Nebieridze, a musician/singer from the Republic Of Georgia, has performed many shows in New York venues such as “Club Bonafide”, “Birdland Jazz Club” and “Rockwood Music Hall” and recorded an album in Stamford at “The Amadeus Performance Space”. Ms. Nebieridze has appeared internationally, performing in Georgia, Germany, Scotland, England and the United States. Equally comfortable in jazz and pop settings, she has been featured at the National Georgian Music Festival “Art Gene”, “Black Sea Jazz Festival”, “Tbilisi Open Air”, “Tbilisi Conservatoire Hall” and “Tbilisi Event Hall.” Prior to moving to New York she was permanently making records at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire Music Technology Studio. At the end of November she will share the stage with - Nitzan Gavrieli (piano), Khondzi (alto sax), Asaf Even Zur (tenor sax), Alon Near (bass), David Jimenez (drums), as well as other guest musicians, soon to be announced.

Her album release Dreamension will resonant long after each listening session. The album is a manifestation of struggle culminating in rich sounds and versatile phrases.

Album Press Release by Carine Gibert

On both shows she will share the stage with - Nitzan Gavrieli (piano), Khondzi (alto sax), Asaf Even Zur (tenor sax), Alon Near (bass), David Jimenez (drums), and other guest musicians.