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Melissa Errico

Melissa Errico

June 3, 2019

Monday 6/3

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Birdland Theater

New York, NY

$30 - $40

Melissa Errico
“Cry For Joy: Melissa Swings American Songs”

With a 5-piece band headed by Matt Baker, (including jazz trumpet rising star Benny Benack III), Melissa sings Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hart & more!

The Permanent American Party
Written By Melissa Errico about this special BIRDLAND concert:

"When I finished the album Sondheim Sublime, and the concerts that went with it --- the passion project of a lifetime --I felt completely fulfilled but a little exhausted, fulfilled by the emotional richness of his music and exhausted by the emotional demands so much of it made. I cried a lot. These were good emotions – sublime emotions! -- but I suddenly wanted to have a moment for a little mischief and just plain fun, too.
Just then, a friend asked me to sing at his birthday party: a big deal dress-up evening in a charming old fashioned hotel ballroom. I loved the idea, and soon arranged to fall into the hands (and horns!) of a new swing group that the all-purpose pianist Matt Baker put together for me. We cut out the big theatrical monologues and philosophical treatises, and went with classics – theater songs that had been so long off the stage, and sung so often, that they had become pop classics, almost like folk songs. As we drove and improved through those Gershwin and Arlen and Rodgers & Hart classics – some of which I’d been singing for years (“Rain or Shine”) and some that I was singing right off the sheet music (“They Can’t Take That Away from Me”)—I realized that this wasn’t one party I was singing for. This was the permanent American party, the music we map our emotional lives to, as our parents mapped theirs to some of the same music. (My parents met over “The Man I Love” and never looked back.) I did try to bring some of what I know as a theater singer to these songs, restoring some of the inner structure and drama to a song like “I Got Lost in His Arms” that a straight jazz singer might miss.
I still cry when I’m singing, but with this set, I cry for joy. The joy of singing, the joy of finding wild moments with fellow musicians, and the joy of sharing I’m here because of those songs, for those songs. I want to pass the party on. "