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Erkin Kydykbaev & Salt Peanuts Jazz Band

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Erkin Kydykbaev & Salt Peanuts Jazz Band
Erkin Kydykbaev's Quintet

Erkin Kydykbaev- bass
Bakyt Kydykbaev- drums
Kuban Kydykbaev- alto saxophone
Aleksandr Sokolov - piano
Jaleel Shaw - alto saxophone (Special Guest)

Kyrgyzstan's Erkin Kydykbaev is the band’s leading artist and is a talented rising bassist. He counts jazz legend Ron Carter as his mentor. His band Salt Peanuts is a popular Kyrgyz jazz group that has been in existence for almost 15 years. Their name from the Russian more accurately translated to “salted nuts,” but they have their own preferred English-language name, taken from a famous Dizzy Gillespie tune.

Salt Peanuts, the Kyrgyz Republic’s leading jazz band, were one of the first jazz groups to arise in independent Kyrgyzstan. Their style is actually a mix of jazz-adjacent genres, including ethno-jazz, fusion, and jazz rock.

The band, also very well known in Central Asia as one of the region's prominent jazz bands, has annually visited the US for performances in various prominent venues since 2016.